US Patented
3-Dimensional Tie



Ralph Marlin is doing a tie MAKEOVER by using a new U.S. PATENTED tie. We are going to change the way you wear your tie! After all, nothing has changed since 1986. You will not see this tie anywhere else. Everyone loves a comeback! But a tie, so you ask, what’s so different about our ties? A dramatic new fashion look! People will stop you on the street and ask “where did you get that tie” ? It’s unique because it ties the same way as your old tie does, but the results are AMAZING!!…People stop us every day, and let us know how unique they are. So order one now!

People ask us “Where did you get that tie?”

Tie One On

Don’t take our word for it, wear a US PATENTED

Ralph Marlin tie and see what people say.

It’s not just another new fashion statement, it gives men a reason to dress up again. It looks fantastic, loosely tied with a pair of your favorite jeans. We can interchange numerous patterns and colorful selections of your choice, with your new collection of ties to match all your needs. Don’t be shy, be one of the first to exhibit your tie as a message, that will, certainly secures interesting responses.

Ralph Marlin makes a return with a new 3-Dimensional, U.S. Patented tie. With a new design, we are going to have you rethinking your tie. We have brand new styles, perfect for you or your loved ones. Make a statement with our novelty flag ties. Be bold, represent what you love. Represent Ralph Marlin.


Ralph Marlin wants to give you a reason to buy something new…something different….something fun and something that you will want to reach for every time you go into your closet to get dressed. We have had over 50 years of successful experience in creating fashion. Ralph Marlin knows how important it is for you to express yourself in today’s fast-paced world. We want to give you innovation, value, style right to your doorstep. You can shop from our online store only at (RalphMarlin.com) to get the products that you can trust. If you are looking for vintage products that we made years ago they are being sold by resellers online. We will be bringing some of them back but more updated and in the right length and width. We don’t want to abandon our past but it is important to improve it. Making friends and with good quality products is our goal.


Say it with a tie!
Whether it’s Valentine’s day, a birthday, the holidays, Father’s Day! You can never go wrong with a 3-dimensional Ralph Marlin tie. All ties come in this customizable box. Make it yours with a message inside!

Happy Valentine’s Day “Love You More Red Tie”

Happy Valentine’s Day –
“Love You More Red Tie”

Our “Love you more red” 3-Dimensional tie has 3 layers…top layer has white heart…middle states “LOVE YOU MORE” and tail is a solid red…spread the love with this heart tie!

Happy Valentine’s Day
Happy Valentine’s Day Black Tie​
Happy Valentine’s Day Black Tie​

Happy Valentine’s Day Black Tie

Our Happy Valentine’s Day Black Tie-dimensional patented tie has 3 layers… The top has red heart on a black background… the middle states HAPPY VALENTINES DAY…and the tail is a solid black…It’s never too early to come up with the perfect Valentines gift…100% Polyester


American Pocket Square​

American Pocket Square

Star Spangled Banner Pocket Square…Wear your American pride by your heart… and wave it around in a rally…with this American flag pocket square…100% polyester

Ralph Marlin Tie


Ralph Marlin official notice to infringers

Anyone using the brand Ralph Marlin in their Meta ( web banner) must have our permission to do so. If you would like to use Ralph Marlin to sell Vintage Ties made by us you can do so contacting bwagoner@ralphmarlin .Using Ralph Marlin brand without our permission will no longer be tolerated.

High-Quality Best Accessories for Men – Ralph Marlin

“Welcome to our world of Best Men Accessories.” You can never have too much with men’s accessories as they help you create a unique style. Whether you select a watch, tie, or adjustment with suit accessories for men, they give your outfit an edge as needed. Ties, bows, and pocket squares add color and texture, while blazers or ensembles can change your character drastically. Ralph Marlin is an online store that brings quality fashion accessories for men, including traditional and modern classics. Our assortment gives you an elegant and luxurious touch with traditional craftsmanship for comfort and fitting. You can always rely on us for a perfect outfit. From ties and hats to glasses, we have everything you need. Our selection of men’s accessories will put the finishing touch onto any look – whether it’s all about less is more or an elaborate dresser. There are styles available in subtle textures and prints with matching colors that suit every style preference imaginable so take your pick.

Accessories We Have

Ralph Marlin is home to a various high-quality range of accessories for men that promote your style and fashion sense. Our assortment includes:
  • Ties
  • Shirts
  • Bottoms
  • Socks
  • Accessories & bags

Neck Accessories for Men

Ralph Marlin brings the newest additions in suit accessories for men that complete the attire conveniently yet elegantly. Our neckties are among the must-have accessories for men that complete your look with decent touch. At Ralph Marlin, quality is about building your relationship with the product, and we try to give you the best product to match your style. Feel free to contact us for more information or visit our products page to place your order.

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